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We offer the following chamber organs constructed by John R Bennett.
Seventeenth Century English Chamber Organ
This is a three rank instrument based on Seventeenth Century English organ building traditions. All the pipework is of pine and is voiced on a very low 45mm of pressure. It has a rich singing quality that blends well with other instruments and voices. Developed as a chamber organ, it does not overpower the listener or player in small settings.

The two part case is American black walnut with turned William and Mary style legs. The façade is a five part design incorporating the bottom two octaves of the Fifteenth. The visual rhythm is further enhanced by painted and gilt designs on the pipeshades and pipecaps. The keyboard is ebonized walnut with quarter sawn sycamore sharps.

- height 68"
- width 43"
- depth 23"
- C - c''' (49 notes)
- 8' Stopped Diapason
- 4' Principal
- 2' Fifteenth
- tuned to A=440
- fifth coma meantone
Price: $35,200
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Italian Continuo Organ
We are introducing a practical and affordable continuo organ. Developed in the Italian tradition, it provides an 8' pricipale open from tenor "f", as opposed to the commonly used 8' Gedeckt. The resulting sound is richer and more colorful.

Adjustable lid panels provide the ability to control volume and the horizonal pipe arrangement allows clear sightlines for playing and conducting.

Reflecting its Italian models the façade is defined by a triple colonnade of white oak; highlighted by maple, walnut, cherry and sycamore. The exterior of the case is mahogany with painted decoration.

A CD is available for this instrument from the builder for $25.

- height 11"
- width 32"
- length 61"
- C/D - c'''
- transposes A=415/440/465
- dimensions listed are excluding folding stand
Price: $17,500
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Sixteenth Century Portable Organ
These are a highly portable organ based on sixteenth century prototypes. Being foot-treadle blown, it is not dependent on an electrical power source and is therefore totally portable. The player has complete control over the sound. At 4' pitch, it is quite useful as a continuo instrument, especially if combined with 'cello or viol d' gamba. It is also available as a 4' and 2' is a slightly larger case.

Price: $10,200
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